What We Believe


The Episcopal Church's Book of Common Prayer is more than a worship book. It outlines the standards and rituals of the Episcopal Church and what we believe. For instance, if you'd like to find the Episcopal Church's belief on the topic of Baptism, you would look at our Baptismal Service. The same follows true with Marriage, Ordination, and Prayer. We invite you to explore the Book of Common Prayer to learn the different belief principles of our church.


For a shorter statement of faith, explore An Outline of Faith: Concerning the Catechism, an outline that all confirmed Episcopalians study and reflect on.


This link will take you to a website with different Biblical translations where you may study scripture on your own or prepare for one of St. Simon's study opportunities.

This link will take you to the Episcopal Church's lectionary, which outlines what scripture readings are read on specific Sundays and Feast Days.

This link will take you to the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio

This link will take you to Way of Love, more than a program or curriculum, it is an intentional commitment to a set of practices to strengthen your spirit. 

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